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The Truth about Thanksgiving!

From Terrance Turner l MasterPlan Media Group

We at MasterPlan wish our employees, clients, advisors & partners a very happy Thanksgiving!

Although this day brings joy for some, we must acknowledge the painful history behind this holiday. Much of the traditional narrative about Thanksgiving is covert, masking the brutal oppression of indigenous people.

In recognition of our mission to service minority-owned businesses, we here at MasterPlan recognize this fact. Our goal is to make and keep our team of stakeholders as diverse as the nation we live in and the communities we do businesses in.

One of our core values is Diplomacy: the art (and science) of flourishing in a multicultural environment in a way that is understanding, respectful, and honors the differences of others. With that in mind, we recognize that many Native Americans refer to Thanksgiving as a National Day of Mourning, and we encourage you to find ways to honor our native community this Thanksgiving.

Learn more about the topic here.

Additionally, we also commemorate the significance of Thanksgiving for American families. For too many Americans, this holiday brings memories of the last time they shared a meal with close relatives and/or friends. Furthermore, this will be the first holiday some will spend without their loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has robbed over 700,000 families of their loved ones.

We urge everyone to cherish time with family and appreciate those you love while they are here.

Gratitude is central to this holiday, so, we at MasterPlan Media Group have identified five things we are grateful for:

  1. The ability to work from home

  2. Being part of an internationally diverse team in an industry with a diversity shortage

  3. Having industry-leading advisors

  4. Continuing to grow and expand despite the “Great Resignation”

  5. Being the first ad agency to prioritize minority & women-owned businesses!

Minority-owned enterprises (MBEs) generate $1.4 trillion in annual gross receipts, according to the Minority Business Development Association and despite facing barriers to funding- remains the fastest growing business segment of the U.S. economy.

MBEs include owners from a range of ethnic subgroups, who contain cultural assets that give them leverage over non-minority-owned businesses. These cultural assets can be material;, immaterial or even spiritual in nature.

Native Americans, in particular, have leveraged their assets (and generated billions) through tourism. Since 2007, overseas tourism to Indian Country has increased 180 percent. (Indian Country is an official term used by the American Indian Native Tourism Association, and includes reservations and Native-run destinations.) Germany, China and Canada are the top three inbound markets.

MasterPlan Media Group aims to assist MBEs of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds in increasing knowledge of their awareness and bankability through the power of Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Public Relations.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading ad agency for MBEs, ensuring that each brand is Relevant, Respected and Remembered. We are thankful for the ability to service an often-overlooked segment of the market.

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